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Yoohoo, Stationery, Craft, Handmade, Subscription
First of all, apologies for the delay with this post – I totally forgot to take photos and then didn’t bother scheduling the post. Expect the November box in a fortnight!

Yoohoo Mail were another of the brands at the Suffolk Blogger Meet and it is in fact a company set up by Daisy’s mum. Yoohoo is a stationery subscription service, with the choice of ordering a one-off box or subscribing for three months and paying up front. The latter works out better (£36 plus free delivery, as opposed to £12 per box, plus postage/packaging). Each box contains up to 20 items, ranging from cards to prints and the October box was named the Brights edit.

The box arrived in beautiful condition: the items were contained within a plastic folder to keep them flat and prevent the corners bending – and this was then wrapped in brightly coloured tissue paper. Once opened, I was met with a wide range of bright colours, patterns and sizes of item.
Yoohoo, Stationery, Craft, Handmade, Subscription
Yoohoo, Stationery, Craft, Handmade, Subscription
This A4 print was on display at the event and I immediately fell in love with it, so I’m glad it was in the first box. I cannot wait to get it framed and up on the wall, as I’m so obsessed with quotes and cute home bits at the moment. The other print in this month’s box was an A5 print and similar to the ones we received in our goodie bags at the meet, it’s simple but bold. As a selfie lover, it’s right up my street and is a great motivation to wake up smiling!
Yoohoo, Stationery, Craft, Handmade, Subscription
The three postcards are so striking and would look great on a pin board, after all, they are too pretty to send or write on. I particularly like the nautical themed one and because they’re so brightly coloured, they stand out just as much as the larger pieces.
Yoohoo, Stationery, Craft, Handmade, Subscription
In my opinion, the highlights of the month were two A4 sheets: the weekly planner and to-do list. As a self-confessed list maker and obsessive organiser, I know I’ll get so much use out of these – especially once they’re laminated, so can be written on with board pen. If you don’t have a laminator, these can always be photocopied or even placed in a frame. With several rows on the planner, it’s a great item for all the family to use.
Yoohoo, Stationery, Craft, Handmade, Subscription
A finally to the selection of cards – aren’t they all so cute?! I find they cater to everyone: the geometric design is more masculine, while the pink flamingos is definitely feminine. The Hoppy Birthday card is great for any Alice in Wonderland (or rabbit!) fans, but my favourite is the piña colada card. As a cocktail lover, I was pleased to see the recipe on the back – it would make a great gift. I also defy you to look at the card without getting that song in your head! I know my friend Laura would love the ‘thank you’ card too.

I’m so glad I subscribed to the three month box, not only for the free delivery but for the excitement of knowing I have another two boxes on the way – and if the quality is this good every time, I have a lot to look forward to. I know once my subscription is up at the end of year, I’ll be re-subscribing – hopefully my stationery drawer holds out! The boxes not only make a great gift to yourself, but also a friend or family member who’s stationery-obsessed. I believe the October box is still available too, so get your hands on one by visiting http://yoohoohq.co.uk/

Love, Lucy xx

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