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Yoohoo Mail, Stationery, Subscription, Cards, Notes, Postcards, Christmas
Eeek, I love receiving things through the letterbox – and if you read my previous Yoohoo Mail post, you’ll know I subscribed to the three-month box, meaning this beauty arrived halfway through November! This month’s theme was of course, Christmas – and the box has now sold out, so sorry if you wanted to get your hands on it!

First up (no picture), we have the December planner sheet – which, if you’re like me, was a great addition. Yes, I have my diary, but I love to plan and I love to keep track on what’s happening, especially as December is such a busy month. It wasn’t until I cross-referenced the sheet against my diary that I realised it was actually for 2016. BUT, Gemma has since posted me out a 2015 sheet, which is currently on my bedroom wall and I can keep the other sheet for next year; winner! Hopefully we get a few more similar items in future boxes.
Yoohoo Mail, Stationery, Subscription, Cards, Notes, Postcards, Christmas
The A4 print this month is the beautiful and festive ‘Oh My Deer’. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to get it framed, as it would make a really lovely touch to the dining table or even mantel piece during the season. The smaller items are a selection of Christmas must-haves: a Christmas list, so you can track what you buy (and spend) for each person and a sheet of ‘Merry Christmas’ stickers, which will look great on the backs of envelopes. I’ll probably add them to present tags and share them with mum, too. I love the list, being such an organised person – but as I don’t have many to buy for, I can see it lasting me a couple of years.
Yoohoo Mail, Stationery, Subscription, Cards, Notes, Postcards, Christmas
This month’s postcards also had a festive theme and they all had songs written across them. The ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ one was my favourite, the penguin couple are just too cute! These will make great table decorations, or even a lovely addition to a Christmas card. I’m not too sure what I’ll do with them yet. Do you have any suggestions?
Yoohoo Mail, Stationery, Subscription, Cards, Notes, Postcards, Christmas
And finally to the selection of Christmas cards – aren’t they amazing? Like everything else, the cards are really good quality and look great! Each design stands out and they’ve been designed to appeal to a wide range of people. I already know I’ll be sending my boyfriend’s family the doggie one and my best friend Laura will definitely be receiving one – although I won’t reveal which, as she’ll be reading! I’m sure my mum will be wanting to steal a couple as they’re so much better than the standard pack of 10s you buy in most shops! Each card is unique and I know I’d love to receive one like this – in fact, the ‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’ is totally up my street!

In all, the November box had a great mix of products, perfect for the festive season and is such great value for money. I thoroughly recommend purchasing a one month box, or even subscribing for three months – just so you don’t miss out on boxes before they sell out! Visit http://yoohoohq.co.uk/ for more information.

Love, Lucy xx

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