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Forza, Supplements, Shake it Slim, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Meal Replacement, Diet,
Forza, Supplements, Shake it Slim, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Meal Replacement, Diet,
When the lovely people at Forza sent me their Shake it Slim Starter Pack* for review, I could not wait to get started. I don’t think I eat particularly badly and I’ve certainly cut down the snacking, but I find shakes the perfect way to kick start weight loss.

Before being sent the product, I didn’t really know too much about Forza, but as well as shakes, they also sell supplements, superfood capsules, protein powders and more. It’s all available on their website. The Shake it Slim sachets can be bought from either Boots or Holland & Barrett as well, so they are easily accessible from the high street if you’re not planning on an online order. I take multi-vitamins daily anyway, but I would definitely be inclined to try some of the other supplements from the Forza range.

Back to the starter pack, which consisted of 14 sachets (a seven-day supply) in three flavours: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I was also kindly sent the shaker so I could get started right away (handy, as I gave my last one to a work colleague!). I have to admit, I didn’t have the shakes twice a day as recommended, because 1) I get far too hungry, 2) I’m currently doing Lean in 15 and 3) I don’t actually have that much weight to lose. But it worked for me. If you want two a day, go for it.
Forza, Supplements, Shake it Slim, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Meal Replacement, Diet,
I don’t drink milk (unless it’s almond or coconut) and Wayne at Forza suggested I mix the sachets with water anyway. I used around 250ml and added the powder before shaking. The powder mixed so easily, there was very little shaking involved. There were no lumps and there wasn’t that powdery taste you get with other brands/products. Best of all, the shakes were super creamy – I was pleasantly surprised by all three flavours. Sometimes products like this taste artificial, metallic or too sweet, but these were perfect. The strawberry flavour actually tasted like McDonald’s milkshake (not that I ever drink that, ha) and the vanilla, just like my favourite milkshake in Spain. Because they are so creamy as well, they feel totally indulgent and not like a ‘diet’ or ‘meal replacement’ product. The strawberry was by far my favourite.
Forza, Supplements, Shake it Slim, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Meal Replacement, Diet,
I had my shakes for breakfast when I got to work, so between 8:30 and 8:40 – and they kept me full until lunchtime. That didn’t stop me having my standard mid-morning berries or grapes, but I wasn’t actually hungry. You can see my lunches and dinners here, if you’re wondering what my other meals consisted of.

If you’ve tried similar products and not been feeling them, I recommend Forza. In the last five years or so, I’ve tried numerous brands including Slim Fast and Celebrity Slim and in comparison, the Shake it Slim sachets are much better. And it’s not just the powder, the shaker is amazing as well. It’s easy to assemble and use, and more importantly, it’s easy to clean! I honestly couldn’t be without it – and when I’m not shaking, I’ll be using it for my smoothies.

I’m hoping to put up a progress post soon, or maybe even when I reach target (which should be in the next month – eeek!) but in the meantime, follow @officialforza for more information.

Love, Lucy xx

*Forza sent me the Shake it Slim Starter Pack & shaker FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.

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