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Tonight, Ill be blogging the contents of the May YooHoo box (better late than never!). The theme last month was Wanderlust, which I instantly fell in love with. I have obsession with travel and bucket lists and working in the industry, I am in a constant state of wanderlust.
If you arent familiar, Yoohoo is a monthly subscription box for the stationery geeks amongst us. Each one comes beautifully wrapped and fits through your letter box. Containing items like greetings cards, to do lists, prints, stickers and postcards, they also make the most perfect gifts.
Stationery, Subscription, Yoohoo,
The prints in last month’s box were super cute – I particularly loved the ‘Oh the places you’ll go’ one with the gorgeous floral header/footer. I loved the font as well and just found it really inspiring. I’ve decided to get it framed and put next to my scratch map (available here), to get my wanderlust going. The hot air balloon one was also lovely and reminded me of the film, Up. I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do with it, but the prints are always good quality and striking.
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The greetings cards were fairly blank, with a couple with messages to fit the theme – Bon Voyage being one of them. The icons of London card is utterly gorgeous and would be perfect for a city hopper or LDN fan. The ‘good luck’ and ‘good journey’ cards are a lovely idea and I’ll bear these in mind for friends travelling or embarking on a new adventure. I particularly liked the pastel colours used on the cards and one of the appeals of the subscription boxes is all the colours, patterns and bold designs! This box did not disappoint.
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My favourite item from the May box was the packing checklist, because I’m a total nightmare when it comes to it and often end up in a state of panic. Anyone else get like this? I always feel like I’ve forgotten something and my case coming home is always heavier. The list will come in handy for my upcoming holiday at the end of August. The mini shortlist cards are also a great idea for an OCD list maker like me. I laminated the ‘to do’ list from the October box and use that on a weekly basis – keeping it next to my head so I’m constantly reminded of what needs to be done. The lovely note paper is so pretty too and another piece I fell in love with. Each sheet comes with its own envelope and of course, the pink is lush.
Stationery, Subscription, Yoohoo,
Completing the wanderlust theme were the three postcards in complementing colours and contrasting prints. They look lush together in a row and would be perfect next to a holiday montage, or just in an album. The Aloha one just makes me want to watch Lilo & Stitch – anyone else feel that way?
As always, the quality and variety of items was excellent and the boxes are such a clever idea and probably my favourite subscription I have. Like I say, they make an ideal gift because theyre wrapped and packaged so wonderfully; alternatively, they make a great self-purchase. The April box is now sold out but you can order July’s box still.
Love, Lucy xx

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