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Barraka, Dining, London, Review, Mediterranean, Street Food
Barraka, Dining, London, Review, Mediterranean, Street Food

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On Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited to Barraka (thanks to Bloggers Required and Whichit) in Spitalfields to sample the beautiful Mediterranean street food on offer. I love going out in London to eat, but always prefer to have a sit down meal, than grab something on the go. Barraka is perfect for those wanting a working lunch, or even a quick bite before, or on, the commute home. Although there is plenty of standing space and seating for eight, takeaway is certainly a better option, particularly during peak times. They now also offer a delivery service via Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

I arrived just after 7pm and met two of the team – Gaston and Jio, who were super friendly and chatty. They talked me through the menu (easy as it’s fairly limited), before letting me sample the delicious food on offer and even letting me watch them prepare some dishes too. Gaston even showed me the orders for the delivery service and explained how popular it had been, considering it was only the second day they had a service with Uber Eats. In fact it was so popular, I was hoping I might be lucky enough to sample the famous rib eye baguette with chimichurri sauce, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. It just means I’ll have to go back. The same could also be said for the popular chilli chips.
Barraka, Dining, London, Review, Mediterranean, Street Food
Barraka, Dining, London, Review, Mediterranean, Street Food
As I couldn’t decide what I wanted, I tried a piece of the Mediterranean chicken first. It was beautifully marinated – it’s left overnight to really disperse the flavours of the herbs and spices used. I then tried the chicken schnitzel, which is coated in panko breadcrumbs. It was so succulent and the accompanying chilli mayo dip was divine – not too spicy. I settled on the chicken schnitzel wrap, which was carefully prepared, wrapped and presented. It was packed with filling and flavour and was just so incredibly simple – but tasty! I chose hummus on the wrap, with the chilli mayo on the chicken and in terms of the fresh salad selection available, chose mixed leaves and the diced tomato salad. Jio then made me one of the salad bowls, which was huge! The base for this was hummus as well, before a spoonful of each salad was added to the edge (these also included a ‘chopped salad’, white cabbage and chilli peppers). The salad was then topped with grilled halloumi, onions and mixed peppers. It could have easily served two people. I love halloumi and salads and this didn’t disappoint, it was perfect for the summer time – colourful, fresh and healthy; what more could you want?

The tomato salad was by far my favourite. Tomatoes in this country are hard to come by but there’s nothing I love more when I’m in Spain, it must be something about the Mediterranean climate. These were marinated in olive oil, parsley, a little salt and a secret ingredient (I won’t disclose that, but I guessed it immediately). I also got to sample the other sauces: a hotter-than-hot chilli sauce and the tahini, which then cooled my mouth down. It was so creamy and my first experience of tahini was good. Like I say, nothing tops that chilli mayo though!
Barraka, Dining, London, Review, Mediterranean, Street Food
Barraka is so easy to find, it’s just down the road from Liverpool Street and the interior is so inviting. I loved the Mediterranean music playing, the chilled vibe and the lighting was just spot-on. It’s open Monday to Friday, from 11am ‘til 9pm and I thoroughly recommend it, especially as an alternative to all the other chains on the streets of London.

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I would just like to say a massive thank you to Uri and the team at Barraka for making this opportunity possible - I had a fabulous time and will definitely be returning.

Love, Lucy xx

*My meal was complimentary, courtesy of the Bloggers Required assignment with Whichit. But images (unless credited) and opinions are my own.

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