Leisurely Sunday Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen

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As I often say, breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day – that is until brunch joins the equation. And it’s even better when there’s alcohol involved – even if it isn’t free-flowing. So when Mariah (new blog here) suggested we brunched at Tom’s Kitchen, I was really looking forward to it – not least because I hadn’t seen her and Joe for ages and I was also bringing Ash along. I blogged about Tom’s Kitchen (St. Katharine Docks) a couple of months back and as it was absolutely fabulous then, I had high expectations.

Like the St. Katharine Docks branch, the Canary Wharf restaurant was modern, spacious and ever so light. As soon as we arrived, I felt that chilled Sunday vibe. From the moment we met at the table, there was no urgency to quickly order and we caught up as we perused the menus. I say we looked at them, myself and Mariah already knew what we were going to order *shock*. With a mixture of sweet and savoury dishes, small plates, larger offerings and whole load of sides to make your meal your own, there was plenty of choice.

We made it incredibly easy for our waitress: the boys had minute steak sandwiches, while Mariah and I both had the brioche French toast. As the tables around us received their orders, I was in a constant state of food envy: everything was well-presented and the portion sizes looked generous. But I certainly wasn’t disappointed when my toast arrived.
Dining, Review, Tom's Kitchen, Canary Wharf, London, Fdbloggers
When I brunch at home, I love to be healthy, but creative – so when I go out, I’ll always opt for pancakes, waffles or French toast. If you can’t have a cheat day with friends, when can you? I can’t make French toast for love nor money, so I was pleased to find a large thick slice of bread, crisp to the centre, without any of that sogginess or stodginess you’d expect. The toast was served with caramelised apples and cinnamon cream, a winning combination in my eyes. The one slice was more than enough; anything more and it would have been a severe case of carbocide! Or it could have been that I filled up on fizz – my flute of rosé champagne was beautiful. I even heard the cork pop so it was most definitely fresh. At midday, it was definitely acceptable too.
Dining, Review, Tom's Kitchen, Canary Wharf, London, Fdbloggers
Ash and Joe’s steak sandwiches looked absolutely divine and I’d definitely be inclined to try that next time. Thick slices of rare steak, beef tomato and rocket atop thick rustic toasted bread. The dish was finished off with shallot rings, a balsamic glaze and a side of chips. As you can see, the open sandwich was a meal in itself! The steak was perfectly pink in the middle – and there was plenty of it.

The prices were all very reasonable, particularly given the location. I’d expect to pay more if it was a bottomless brunch, but I think we paid about £20 per head. It was just a lovely leisurely afternoon – even once we had finished eating, we weren’t rushed to leave. I loved dinner at Tom’s Kitchen and brunch was equally as good. There’s no doubt I’ll return.

Love, Lucy xx

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