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Bomb Cosmetics, Bath, Blogmas, Christmas, 2016, Advent Calendar
On the eighteenth day of Blogmas... I treated myself this year to an ‘alternative’ Advent Calendar and I chose the Bomb Cosmetics one because I love their products and compared to others, it was reasonably priced.

With 24 doors, the products obviously aren’t full-sized, but when I first looked at the size of the doors, I assumed they wouldn’t be of a decent size... how wrong I was! The calendar contained soaps, mallows and blasters – and while all the bath products could only be used once, the soaps could be used multiple times. The one problem I had with using this as an Advent Calendar was opening the doors and then getting the products out. The blasters were small heart shapes and easy to remove, but the mallows were larger rectangles, a similar size to the holes – it was pretty much impossible to get them out in one piece, so you’d end up with crumbs. I’m pretty impatient anyway, but I can imagine even the patience would lose it.
Bomb Cosmetics, Bath, Blogmas, Christmas, 2016, Advent Calendar
I’m yet to use any of the soaps, but they certainly look cute stacked up on my window sill. I’ve got them next to my Lush basket – so my room permanently smells lovely. I’ve used most of the other items and I finally went and opened all the doors today, as I wanted to see the final contents... I just couldn’t wait anymore. I can’t seem to find a product list anywhere and the calendar isn’t available direct (but you may be able to find it on Amazon or eBay).

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite products from this year’s calendar – and believe me, it was difficult narrowing it down. Strangely, most of them were the mallows, but this was because they lasted much better in the bath. They melted slowly and the scents were a lot stronger. I’ll link the full-size products below.
Bomb Cosmetics, Bath, Blogmas, Christmas, 2016, Advent Calendar
First up we have the Rhubarb & Custard mallow, which was pink and yellow – packed full of shea and cocoa butters. This left my skin super soft. There was a subtle fruity smell, but to me, it was more sweet, with vanilla and caramel the overpowering scent. The Ginger Love mallow symbolised Christmas well – with hints of ginger and orange, as well the use of bergamot oil. This contained quite a lot of glitter, which luckily didn’t stick to the skin – but was a nightmare to remove from the edge of the bath. The full-size of this product is cute, with a little gingerbread man on the top! I also loved the ShootingStars and Lemon Express mallows, both of which contained sequin stars. I much preferred the scent of the latter; it was just so rejuvenating, with a strong zesty fragrance.
Bomb Cosmetics, Bath, Blogmas, Christmas, 2016, Advent Calendar
The blasters reminded me of those Swizzels sweets as most of them smelt sweet and sherbet-y. The pastel colours were so cute too – and look how beaut they look on my bedding when I photographed them! The Sugar Kiss blaster wasn’t as sweet as it initially smelt and contained marjoram and rosemary essential oils. I’ll definitely be inclined to buy the full-size product though. And finally, the Hollybobs blaster made me feel Festive AF. A pastel green heart with hints of apple and cinnamon, I absolutely loved it – and may have to purchase this, too!

The Advent Calendar was great value for money – I think it worked out to be 82p per product, which is more than reasonable. There were two versions of the calendar this year and I almost wish I had bought both. I can’t wait to find out what Bomb Cosmetics release next year.

Did you have an Advent Calendar this year?

Love, Lucy xx 

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