Blogmas #13 Dinner at Les Brigittines, Brussels

Brussels, Dining, Les Brigittines, Review, Foodies, FdBloggers, Restaurant
On the thirteenth day of Blogmas... Following on from my post about our trip to Brussels, I had to include a quick review of the restaurant we dined at, while there. When I was arranging the trip, I researched loads of places for dinner and after managing to compile a shortlist of five, we decided on Les Brigittines.
Brussels, Dining, Les Brigittines, Review, Foodies, FdBloggers, Restaurant
The restaurant is about a kilometre away from Grand-Place, in the area of Place de la Chapelle. There isn’t too much going on in the area at night, but a quick look on Google shows there are a few sights worth seeing during the day, including the daily market and church. Our reservation was at 7pm and on arrival, the restaurant had already filled up.

I found the restaurant traditional and very homely. The building was formerly a post office, but the decor was very art-nouveau. The wallpaper was slightly dated, with patches of velvet, but it added so much character to the place. There were frescos on the doors and lots of wood panelling. It was dark, but atmospheric – and the majority of people dining were locals, which obviously speaks volumes.

When I booked the table, after extensive reading of the menu, I completely forgot my appetite wasn’t what it once was – and while I was drawn to the ‘Market Menu’, a set menu of four courses (priced at 55), I knew there would be no way I’d be able to manage it at all. The a la carte evening menu is fairly small, but I still found it difficult to make my mind up – and I must have changed my mind three or four times before ordering.

Whilst we were deciding, we were offered an aperitif and the house drink was a sparkling wine... we settled on a bottle between the two of us and it was lovely. It was a fairly sweet rosé and the sommelier did an excellent job of ensuring our glasses were never empty.
Brussels, Dining, Les Brigittines, Review, Foodies, FdBloggers, Restaurant
Brussels, Dining, Les Brigittines, Review, Foodies, FdBloggers, Restaurant
To eat, I decided on the baked beef with fries and green salad. The portion sizes were huge and I’m glad I hadn’t ordered a starter, because I struggled with one course, let alone more than one. The steak was cooked to perfection and the quality of the beef was excellent. The menu has a focus on local ingredients and at the front of the card, suppliers are listed. I wish I knew what the salad dressing was, as it was unreal. It was light, yet slightly creamy. The fries I could take or leave, even though Belgium is famed for them. Ash had the roasted Danish cod with spelt risotto and wild mushrooms. I didn’t try any of it, but it did look good.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have room for dessert – but the menu did look amazing! The service was very good throughout and we never felt like we were being hurried. After getting the bill, we walked back to Grand Place to see the lights & music show, before jumping into a tavern for some kriek. When in Belgium...

Love, Lucy xx

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