Feeling Quirky at The Pie Maker, Galway

Dining, Review, The Pie Maker, Galway, Ireland, FdBloggers, Restaurant,
Dining, Review, The Pie Maker, Galway, Ireland, FdBloggers, Restaurant,
The Pie Maker was recommended to us by a couple of friends, so when we stayed in Galway, where else were we going to go for dinner? This quirky little restaurant only seats about 15, but it really is worth it – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like pie!

The Pie Maker is quite clearly a pie shop, serving six varieties of homemade savoury pie in addition to three sweet varieties and traditional Irish desserts. There’s no way you’d be able to manage two courses of pie, so if you have a sweet tooth, definitely go for dessert... if not, the savoury options provide a hearty meal! We went for savoury pies, which come with your choice of side: mashed potato, mushy peas, red cabbage and gravy; or an organic leafy salad with beetroot, spring onions and cherry tomatoes.

Upon arrival, we took a seat at the bar, as there were no free tables. There are five bar stools and only three tables – but surprisingly, no matter where you choose to sit, there is enough room. Sitting at the bar, you could see all the varieties of pie, ready to be cooked. As soon as a table was free, however, we decided to move – sitting at the bar wasn’t providing enough support for my back or bump, but the staff didn’t mind us switching seats. We sat at the back of the restaurant and the photo above really does put into perspective the size of the building – the shop is so narrow, but cosy and homely.

The decor’s incredibly quirky and the walls couldn’t have been decorated any more. Knick knacks included mirrors in gilded frames, candlesticks, prints and stuffed animals. The toilet door even blended into the wall, so you wouldn’t even know it was there – with the wall made up of rulers.
Dining, Review, The Pie Maker, Galway, Ireland, FdBloggers, Restaurant,
Dining, Review, The Pie Maker, Galway, Ireland, FdBloggers, Restaurant,
To eat, I chose the chicken & wild mushroom pie; Ashley picked the beef & eight degree stout pie (to accompany his bottle of beer). We both chose the mash, veg and gravy to accompany the pies – and those sides were a meal in itself! The pies were a reasonable size, but a lot more filling than they looked. Like I say, I’m not really a pie fan (we have a pie shop in Brentwood, but I’ve never eaten pie there – always opting for sausage & mash!), but it was most enjoyable. The pastry was flaky and crisp, from top to bottom and there was ample filling, which was so flavoursome. I never used to like mushroom either (look at Ash making me all adventurous, ha) but chicken & mushroom is such a classic combo, especially for pie – and the wild mushroom & whiskey sauce wasn’t too overwhelming, nor were the flavours of garlic & rosemary.

With regards to the sides, the mash was the perfect consistency: so smooth and creamy; while I loved the peas and definitely think I prefer mushy peas to standard garden peas. I didn’t try any of Ash’s pie, but it’s safe to say he enjoyed it – it was soon demolished and not long before he helped me finish mine.

I’m glad we were recommended The Pie Maker as there’s no way we’d have found it otherwise – it’s a hidden gem. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re visiting Galway. The pies were reasonably priced, the staff were friendly and it was homemade comfort food at its best. The Pie Maker even have a takeaway service, if you don’t want to sit in, or there aren’t any tables.

Love, Lucy xx

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